Help Defend Solar Energy: Extend the Solar Investment Tax Credit

Help Defend Solar Energy: Extend the Solar Investment Tax Credit

Why: Solar energy is the most impactful renewable technology we have to invest in local communities and address climate change. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the most successful bipartisan clean energy policies ever passed and has helped build a robust solar industry in the United States.

When: We need to take action right now, because time is running out. Despite its success, the ITC is currently scheduled to begin phasing out at the end of 2019. This will impact millions of homeowners and thousands of solar workers, and derail billions of dollars in economic activity. The good news is bipartisan legislation has been introduced calling for a five-year extension of the solar ITC. But we need your help to secure that extension.

What: Congress cannot turn its back on the single most successful clean energy policy. We need to you to urge your federal representatives to cosponsor this bill and ensure the solar ITC is extended before the end of the year. Fill out this form and in one click send an email or tweet to your representatives.

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