Is My House a Good Fit for Solar?

Is My House a Good Fit for Solar?

[NOTE: See below the 2 FREE tools you can use to size up your solar opportunity]

So, you’re interested in Solar but you have questions. is interested in helping provide some answers.

One of the questions we get has to do with your roof qualifying.

Use these 3 questions as guidelines…

1) Direction of the Sun:

For solar installations in the United States, the rule-of-thumb is: The more south facing your roof is, the more energy your system will produce.

Ideally, you would want to install the solar panels on a surface within 40 degrees of directly South (180 degrees) to ensure maximum production from the panels.

2) Amount of Shading:

Consider roof shading from nearby obstructions which may impact your panels.

You live in the suburbs? Look for shading from trees.

You live in the city? Look for tall buildings that may shade your roof.

3) Other Obstructions & Surface Area:

How much usable space does your roof have?

Is your roof angular or does it have a lot of dormers?

Expert Installers can work around your vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights.

What about Roof Types?

Mounting systems now exist for the following roofs:

– Metal standing seam
– Standard clay tile and Spanish tile
– Asphalt
– EPDM rubber
– TPO and PVC

Roofs that would involve a visual inspection:

– Slate
– Wood

Here are a couple FREE tools you can do yourself …

1. Get a satellite view of your home:
Type in your home address

2. Find out how many days of sun your area of the country gets per year.

If you feel confident that your home is a good fit, contact a professional.

A local professional solar installer can also determine what kind of system would work best for your needs, knows about local permitted process/fees and all the tax and financing options.

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