Local Energy Co-op Member Reportedly Targeted by Scammer

Local Energy Co-op Member Reportedly Targeted by Scammer

(ABC 6 News) – People’s Energy Cooperative (PEC) is warning its members after a reported phone scam.

According to PEC, last week a member received two phone calls from a person claiming to be from “their electric company” asking for personal information.

The member told PEC the male caller apologized and said “we overcharged you and want to make it right” and asked for their bank information over the phone to complete the transaction.

PEC said the member hung up the phone and called the cooperative to report the incident.

PEC said their staff will never request bank or payment information from members over the phone, they will only ask for information to identify who a member is.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of a scam call or want to verify a call you’re asked to call PEC directly at 507-367-7000.

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