American-Made Solar Prize Round 1

American-Made Solar Prize Round 1

The American-Made Solar Prize is a $3 million competition designed to revitalize solar manufacturing in the United States by supporting entrepreneurs as they develop transformative technology ideas into concepts and then into early-stage prototypes ready for industry testing.

The first round of the competition was launched in June 2018 and is ongoing. Innovators from around the country have competed in the first stage of the competition, the Ready! Contest, by identifying an impactful idea or solution that addresses a critical need in the solar industry and then developing a path to make their solution a reality. Twenty teams were selected as semifinalists by a panel of expert reviewers and will receive $50,000 each from a pool of $1 million.

The semifinalists moved on to the second phase of the competition, called the Set! Contest, to design a proof of concept and identify market demand for their solution. In June 2019, 10 teams were selected to receive $100,000 in funding and $75,000 in vouchers to use at the National Laboratories and elsewhere within the American-Made Network to advance their prototypes.

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