Amit Shukla – Clean Energy Jobs & Retraining

Amit Shukla – Clean Energy Jobs & Retraining

Had the opportunity to interview Amit Shukla COO at Renewable Energy Evolution.

We talked about the following…

What are the benefits of renewable energy as it relates to local economy?

How does renewable energy lead to the creation of local jobs and local economic development?

Tell us about Illinois’s Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) and how it’s impacting the renewable energy landscape in IL.

How can communities foster the creation of local renewable energy jobs?

Tell me about the renewable energy workforce development initiatives you have been working on.

Tell us about the IL Solar for All program and how it’s impacting solar jobs and workforce development.

What is the role of community colleges and community organizations in renewable energy workforce development?

What are some examples of renewable energy training programs you have created?

What is the best way for someone to reach you?

Amit Shukla, COO
Renewable Energy Evolution, LLC Chicago IL
[email protected]

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