Babcock Ranch 100% Solar Powered City…

Babcock Ranch 100% Solar Powered City…

On April 22, Earth Day, the sun will begin to rise on a brand new world in Florida. Babcock Ranch, the country’s first solar-powered city will celebrate the unveiling of its 18,000-acre mixed-use development in Southwest Florida’s Charlotte county.

The development, which will be completed across 25 years, is the result of the largest conservation land agreement in Florida history.

Babcock Ranch is a place inspired by the past, but engineered for the present, it is a new approach to community-creation utilizing new technologies while engaging with nature. Located on an area larger than Manhattan – more than half of the town will be dedicated to natural greenways, parks, and lakes making it America’s most walkable, hikeable, bikeable, town with neighborhoods and public resources linked together by an extensive greenway and trail system.

It will be a city powered by the sun, but fueled by a concept termed “civitas” – a basic hometown pride and a calling to participate and belong. Residents will be able to choose from close to 20,000 homes in all price ranges and enjoy 6 million square feet of retail, commercial, office and community areas.

In a video introducing the concept of Babcock Ranch, Kitson & Partners’ CEO Syd Kitson, describes it as America’s “city of tomorrow” with purpose.

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