Doug Fine – Hemp Author, Journalist, Adventurer, Goat-Herder

Doug Fine – Hemp Author, Journalist, Adventurer, Goat-Herder

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Bestselling comedic investigative journalist Doug Fine’s next groundbreaking book, Hemp Bound, is here. As with all of the live events connected with his books, Doug brings a wildly entertaining and journalistically rigorous, from-the-fields, slide-accompanied storytelling show that will leave audiences who are new to the topic at once laughing and informed. In this case about the billion-dollar worldwide hemp industry that’s about to emerge. (Doug’s recent TEDx Talk was about sustainability – you can link to this and many others of Doug’s clips at:

Hemp, Doug discovered in two years of research from Hawaii to Belgium, can replace at once plastics and fossil fuels, while putting small farmers from Kentucky to Ohio to North Dakota to Colorado to Vermont (and in fact worldwide) back in business on a profitable and soil-enhancing bridge crop. Also its seed oil is a nutritive superfood. Doug even saw an entire tractor body made from hemp — intended to harvest the very same crop. Already hemp’s stronger-than-steel fibers are in BMW and Mercedes door panels.

It is the fact that his events are at once so funny and informative that has gotten him book repeatedly in venues ranging from the National Geographic Society speaker series to Conan O’Brien and the Tonight Show, to college and corporate campuses worldwide. And Hemp Bound certainly has worldwide interest. This is an issue with legs: interest in hemp will only be growing (literally) over the next several years. It already nets Canadians and Chinese farmers billions.

To start, this ancient inert plant is set to wean humanity from fossil fuels. So Hemp Bound is a sustainability book along the lines of all the bookings and all-class reads Doug held for his landmark tale of petroleum-free living, Farewell, My Subaru. Like Farewell, My Subaru, Hemp Bound is an easy, fun, not-too-thick read – great for busy schedules. Furthermore, hemp was just legalized federally by Congress in 2014, so it’ll be a hot topic in national headlines, broadening the professional conferences for which the event is perfect.

As for the event, hold on tight: Doug just researched this topic planet-wide, from Manitoba to Colorado. He begins with the architecture of the hemp plant’s famed stronger-than-steel fibers to its 10,000-year human cultivation history. Then the slide show and talk goes on to bring hemp’s manifold digital age applications (and challenges) to large numbers of people who are (as yet) not hemp-informed. The live event covers everything from the rigors of cultivation to hemp plastics and nanotechnology applications to nutrition to hemp construction. The slide show and talk details the economic, energy production, nutritional and environmentally restorative benefits of the plant to civilization worldwide.

The talk also includes rollicking recounting of meetings with hemp farmers, hemp fiber agronomists, hemp energy producers, and hemp entrepreneurs. The amazing projects Doug covers in the talk range from an entire hemp tractor made from hemp in Manitoba to a soil-restoring hemp field mitigating drought in Colorado.

Hemp Bound is an event robust and entertaining enough to satisfy a large audience for an evening: an hour of fascinating storytelling (plus Q and A) ideal for university live event speaker series, literary, town hall and professional events, economic keynotes and corporate and non-profit event entertainment. In addition, the book the live event is based on, Hemp Bound, makes an ideal all-class, all-office or all-organization read.

By way of specifics, the Hemp Bound event covers:

–Just a little thing called Weaning from Petroleum (“Fill ‘er up with hemp”) and saving the planet.

–The broad political power of hemp – everyone from Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is working toward its legalization in 2014 (it passed the House in 2013 but the government shut down before the Senate vote).

–A tractor made of hemp.

–A Hemp Limo Ride.

–The nutritive superfood that is hemp oil.

–Hemp Clothes: at his events and interviews, Doug dresses entirely in homemade hemp clothes. Yep, entirely. Yes, we’re including the boxers.

–Tree free paper: Can hemp save publishing? The challenge.

–Hemp Construction: the carbon-neutral killer app already taking over Europe.

–Hemp’s Comeback In Society In the Fields: Putting Small Farmers back to Work from North Dakota to Kentucky to Vermont to Oregon to Colorado to Ohio.

–Hemp’s multi-billion dollar value to Canadian and Chinese farmers today, and to American and other worldwide farmers very soon.

–Women in Hemp: Doug interviewed female hemp farmers, academics and processors from the Czech Republic to Belgium to Canada.

–Hemp in ancient societies and early America: America’s first millionaires came from Kentucky hemp.

–Cultivar Detective: Which hemp varieties will work best in America?

–On the business side: who are the major hemp players today, and what does the sector landscape look in the short and medium term? (Hint: It’s growing 20% annually and there aren’t enough farmers cultivating to meet demand.)

We hope you’ll Book Doug while he has available dates in 2014. Hemp Bound is available everywhere. To book Doug and discuss bulk book order discounts, contact [email protected]


“If ever anyone needed proof that government meddling in markets is injurious to innovation, Hemp Bound dispels all doubt. With science and humor, Fine paints an alternative and optimistic future—one that makes growing hemp seem as exhilarating and necessary as clean air. Fine’s style and storytelling ability make this is one of the most fun books you’ll ever read about the future of farming.”

Joel Salatin, author of Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

“The issue is simple: farmers need hemp, the soil needs hemp, forests need hemp, and humanity needs the plant that the good Lord gave us for our own survival. Hemp Bound tells us with detail and humor how to get to the environmental Promised Land. Doug has created a blueprint for the America of the future.”

Willie Nelson

“I never dreamed industrial hemp had so much promise until I read Doug Fine’s Hemp Bound. The book is not only fun to read, but it passes along fascinating insights about a farm crop that produces many food and fiber products and is adapted to areas where corn and soybeans are rarely profitable. As the author points out with gracious good humor, industrial hemp is not medical marijuana, and it should become a major farm crop in America as it has elsewhere.”

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Gene Logsdon, author of Gene Everlasting and Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

“Doug Fine’s engrossing and eye-opening book reveals hemp’s role as a new source of food, energy, and raw materials. This absurd war on one of the world’s most useful plants is about to end, and everyone can declare victory.”

Mark Frauenfelder, founder, Boing Boing

“In Hemp Bound, Doug Fine convincingly describes the proven value and amazing potential of the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant. You can eat it, drink it, read it, tie it, wear it, drive it, live in it, and make money growing it, all while saving the soil and protecting the climate. This is an important story, engagingly told.”

Dr. William Martin, Senior Fellow, Drug Policy, Rice University’s Baker Institute, Houston, Texas

A sweet, logical and funny argument for the potential of one of the world’s most dynamic cash crops.

Kirkus Reviews