Sigora Solar installing Tesla Powerwalls inside homes

Sigora Solar installing Tesla Powerwalls inside homes

GORDONSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — One of the biggest problems with solar energy has been storage, but there is a new system from Tesla being installed in local homes.

“Last year, I think the power went out over 20 times. During the summer, a storm would go by, one tree branch would fall. Some people buy a generator, but this is a much better option in my opinion. A generator doesn’t pay for itself, it’s not clean, right? And they’re not cheap to run,” said Jeremy Visnesky.

Instead of a generator, he had a Tesla Powerwall installed in his Gordonsville home. Where he lives, electricity isn’t always reliable and the bank of batteries can run the house for days. And when the power is on, he uses the system to save money.

“For people who live in areas where the utilities uses time of metering, these have the ability to draw from the batteries at certain times of day where power may be more expensive pulling from the grid, you can actually charge your batteries from the solar and pull from those at the time the utility would be more expensive,” Tad Luttrell said.

You save money by not constantly getting electricity from the power company and the batteries charge from a solar system on the roof.

Luttrell, the chief sales marketing officer at Sigora Solar, adds that this system is maintenance-free, and customers never have the lights go out.

The price for the Tesla Powerwall varies depending on each home, because each installation is customized, but Luttrell says you pay about the same as you would for a whole house generator.

“What I can tell you though, is that the power walls do qualify for federal tax credit when paired with a solar system, so that’s 26 percent off of the cost of the system,” Luttrell said.

You can also operate the Tesla Powerwall right from your phone. Visnesky says the electric production since he got the system has offset carbon emissions equal to 174 trees.

Luttrell adds that despite the pandemic, the business for Sigora Solar has been high. For more information on Sigora Solar and the Tesla Powerwall, you can visit their website at

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