SPW’s 2019 Most Forward-Thinking Contractor sees solar as part of holistic solution

SPW’s 2019 Most Forward-Thinking Contractor sees solar as part of holistic solution

The Most Forward-Thinking Contractor award celebrates solar installers devoted to making progress in energy and beyond in hopes of a more sustainable future.

Solar power is great by itself, but it’s even better when it’s just one piece of an energy-efficient home. Sigora Solar (No. 124 on the 2019 Top Solar Contractors list) makes sure all its solar customers have the most sustainable homes possible by including energy efficiency upgrades in every solar installation. The company’s “Produce and Reduce” package includes a complimentary Pearl-certified energy efficiency audit where the BPI Goldstar-certified energy efficiency team identifies the home’s inefficiencies. After the audit, customers can opt to receive free upgrades like duct sealing, weather stripping, insulation, installation of LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats and more.

Sigora also invests in the future through its “One-for-One” program in conjunction with its sister company Sigora Haiti and the nonprofit Hummingbird Academy for Disaster Preparedness & Renewable Energies. For every U.S. home that goes solar with Sigora, the company covers the cost of connecting one Haitian home to the country’s electric grid via a smart meter. Bringing electricity to residents opens up opportunities for their future, allowing them to study, run businesses and more after the sun goes down.

“We are a humble family here at Sigora Solar, but that doesn’t take away from the immense pride each and every one of us has in our work. It’s an honor to be a finalist as one of the most forward-thinking contractors, because what we simply view as doing right by our customers and paying it forward to those less fortunate than us is actually an incredible story that should be celebrated. Our Produce & Reduce package is making waves with our customers. We bring awareness to how easy it is to lower consumption levels and then produce your own electricity, which is empowering for everyone. Not only are we empowering our customers, but we’re then giving them the opportunity to also empower and electrify a family in Haiti through our One-for-One program in partnership with Sigora Haiti. Thank you for the opportunity to shed some light on what we take such pride in doing!”

— Logan Landry, CEO


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