TerraPower – New Nuclear Energy Tech

TerraPower – New Nuclear Energy Tech

TerraPower aims to develop a sustainable and economic nuclear energy system while greatly reducing proliferation risks and creating new options for converting low-level waste into vast energy resources.

By 2040, the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion.
To meet projected demand, net electricity generation will need to increase by approximately 28 percent.

Recognizing this need, in 2006, Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries determined that nuclear energy, in a more adaptable, suitable form, represented the best option for addressing the world’s growing energy challenges.

TerraPower has been leading the charge in the development of cutting-edge nuclear energy technologies that offer scalable, sustainable, safe and cost-competitive energy options.

Through the development of the traveling wave reactor (TWR) program and molten chloride fast reactor (MCFR) project, TerraPower is setting new standards in the development of advanced nuclear energy systems.

Unlike traditional nuclear reactors, this technology will be capable of utilizing fuel made from depleted uranium, which is currently a waste byproduct of the uranium enrichment process.

Its unique design gradually converts the fuel through a nuclear reaction without removing it from the reactor’s core, eliminating the need for reprocessing, generating heat and producing electricity over a much longer period of continuous operation.

Additionally, eliminating reprocessing reduces proliferation concerns, lowers the overall cost of the nuclear energy process, and helps to protect the environment by making use of a waste byproduct and reducing the production of greenhouse gases.

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